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I received the product and was very pleased with the quality
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I was able to get a picture. I love it! They look great! The quality is good and there do not seem to be any issues.
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I have received my product, I love it and will be purchasing again. I haven’t put them up in my store yet but will be soon. The way you brought my vision to life is amazing I really the quality.
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My package arrived a day after I received a tracking number.! It is perfect , all the Bonnets and Pillowcases perfectly packaged and tags beautifully attached. I have not displayed the products . I would totally recommend it.
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I was very surprised With The time for arrived . Very very fast . Package was The best , and The quality of products too . I will order again . It Will be in my Shop.
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I received the package and everything looks great. The quality is as expected.
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A pleasure ordering at Mystique VP Fashion, very personal follow up of each order, any questions are always answered within 1 day. I received pictures of all customized products in order to get my approval first before printing in large quantity. I have ordered 3 times now and the shipment always arrives quickly and in perfect state. Very pleased with my products!
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I just want to say that you have made my morning. My order has arrived and I am so happy. So so so so so happy. Thank you. I'll definitely be ordering from you again soon. I'm so excited. I can't wait to sell them
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I received the product in a timely manner. My customers are Loving the spray bottles!
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The package arrived safely and in great condition. We are extremely satisfied with the quality of the satin bonnets and the detangling brushes. Have launched it on our online store and we got more interest in the satin bonnets than any of our other products. Thank you again for your wonderful service and we look forward to doing business with you soon.
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The heating caps and edge brushes arrived beautifully in great condition. The quality is great. I have on my website the products, it sells very good. The packaging is good.
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I got my product and it's absolutely amazing . The quality of the bonnets is so good so soft the colors so bright . Everyone loves them thank you so much I'm wearing one right now
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I received my products. Everything arrived safely. I am very satisfied with the product and so are my clients. Thank you
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The bonnets are amazing. Shipping is fast. My packaged arrived in 3 days. Everything packaged individually and secure. This is my second time ordering from you and will continue to do so.
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The products arrive fine, no issues with packaging, it was actually packages really well. The bottles themselves meet my expectation and I am very happy with my purchase. I am currently starting a bigger order with some products I would like engraved with our logo. Thank you so much! Please see below for pictures.
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Hi my customers love the products. I'd love to place another order. I'll be sending over done pictures.
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I have received the package, thank you. I love the bonnets they are very comfortable and logo is well printed.
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"Everything is fine. Thank you very much! "
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I received my package and everything looks great!
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"Thanks You very much The quality is perfect Thanks for your support to our brand "
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My package arrived safely. The packaging was perfect the small bags are very convenient. I am very satisfied with the quality and so are my clients, they LOVE IT. I have displayed them on my social media and have also taken a few pics. It would be nice if there were more variety of colors like yellowish gold, lavender, turquoise, burnt orange, and olive green. Thanks so much for these bonnets. They’re the best bonnets ever! Here are a few pictures I took
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Products arrived safely, package was good. I was very satisfied with my order, quality was great.
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I love the quality of the brushes and the bonnets! Everything came quickly!
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Yes I received my product and I am very satisfied! Thanks so much. The packaging was great Nd the shipment arrived safely. I’m going to look into adding a couple of different items from your site once I’m able to figure out how to change my logo around. Here’s a video
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I received the shipment and I’m happy with the products. Thank you
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I am just writing to tell you that the brushes came today and they are beautiful! I am so happy with the lazer engraving and the quality of the wood. NIce job - worth the price. Thank you so much.
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I love the quality of the product and I’m very happy with it! Thank you so much!!
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Package arrived sooner than expected and package was not damaged. Absolutely satisfied with the quality ~ they are beautiful! I have displayed on my store, all up and displayed wonderfully. This was a great experience and appreciate great products. Just made another order for brushes. Only suggestion also perhaps adding beautiful satin printed bonnets.
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Excellent company to deal with! Great communication and fast shipping!!! The spray bottles are the same as described, long-lasting spay and great quality, I love it! I will buy from them again very soon.
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I received my order. It arrived on time and safely. I love the quality. Here’s my first picture I’ve posted for my brand!
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I have received the products.Everything arrived packaged very well...I was impressed! The quality of the detangling brushes & the Conditioning Caps exceeded my expectations. We have displayed them on our online store and in beauty stores. I would suggest informing potential customers that if they have a lot of hair the large Conditioning Cap would be the best choice. I’ve had issues with the standard cap being too small. Anyhoo, I would order again due to the Awesome products & customer service....Lisa answered all of my questions promptly! Thanks!
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This heat cap is superbly made. Great quality fabric. Tight stitching. AND it holds heat! Easy to use as well!!! My customers love to buy one together with our hair care products. Really helped me increase the sales of my products. Thanks Mystique! Would recommend!!!
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I’m VERY pleased. I put them on my website Friday and almost already sold out. So I will be placing another order. The packaging was fine as well as the quality. Thanks so much for the fast shipping! I’m a satisfied customer.
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I am 100% satisfied with the detangling brushes!!! Here’s one of my videos!!!!
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I ordered a few items, but I like this bonnet best! The satin is very good quality and super soft. I tried to wash the black one, it hardly fades. The adjustable drawstring is very comfortable to use. I like it very much, I will reorder very soon.
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I have been happy with purchases and especially with the price and quality. Never have a problem.
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Order received thank you ! Love them
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I love this brush soooo much! When I show it out on my store, it was sold out very soon. So I reorder it immediately within a week. The second order, I custom my logo onto it, very beautiful! I will reorder in the very near future.
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The detangling brushes look great! They feel so soft but firm enough to guide through the hair. I haven't used it yet, but once I do a video I will alert you. I like how they were packaged. The box was very neat and intact. I will send more pictures when I display them in my salon. Here are some unboxing pictures. Thank you for all your assistance. I look forward to working with you again in the future.
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The edge scarf is very good quality. The first day I put it in my salon, 3 customers buy. I only bought 20 this time, I know I will order very soon. And next time I will add my logo.
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I LOVE IT! AND I DEFINITELY WOULD ORDER AGAIN. It's the second time I order, the customer service always had very good answers everytime I want to talk about my order. The detangling brush has become the best seller in my store, definitely will order again!
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I received the brushes and they came quicker than expected! I will take photos today and send them to you. No complaints so far and I love them. I definitely will be purchasing more products from you for my business. Thanks so much!
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My order came in today. I am in awe with the detailing on the brushes!!!!! Thank you for your exceptional service throughout this process. You all have a new loyal customer in me.
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I absolutely love this hair brush! When I uploaded it on my store, it was sold out in only 3 days! My clients love it too. It helps them detangle the kinky hair very easily. Emily in Mystique helps me a lot with the order, and they ship the package really fast. I got it in only a week. I will reorder very soon!
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I received my products 2 days ago. The package arrived safely, no problem. As far I’m Ok with the quality. I didn’t display the products in my shop yet. I’ll send you some pictures.
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I don't normally order products on the internet but when I couldn't find what I was looking for in local stores I started searching the web. My order was completed and I received it within days...So excited to get started on my next project!!!! Will definitely be back for more ;)