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Portable Nano Sprayer Hair Care Evaporator Micro Mist Desktop Electric Hair Care Styling EHS002

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This hair nano steamer features
-Suitable for hair coloring, hair care, and face moisturizing.
-Portable and Professional Blue-ray nano-atomizer has the same functional quality and compact appearance
-Spray Water Bottle The super large capacity water bottle is twice the size of the ordinary atomizer, which can be adjusted and controlled according to the amount of fog.

★The blue nano sprayer uses a superheated steam generator to vaporize liquid water into a single water molecule with a diameter of about 0.26 nanometers.
★This nano-water molecule with latent heat energy can smoothly penetrate through the hair scales with a gap of about 1 nanometer, and directly reach the interfilling material between the fiber bundles in the hair, and supplement the hair with moisture, nutrition, and the introduction of dyes and irons. The purpose of repairing hair and enhancing the effect of the drug reaction.
★Nano atomization nourishes the media, hair keratin and fibrous tissue during the conduction process, and absorbs nano energy and converts it into heat energy.
★It can increase the kinetic energy of amino acids and carbohydrate compounds, lipids, and proteins in the plasma cell membrane, increase the temperature of the hair, and expand the pores of the epidermis, thereby facilitating the diffusion and absorption of care products through the epidermal layer.
★The "warming effect" produced by it can activate tissue cells, strengthen the repair of local keys, and accelerate the recovery of hair elasticity.

1. When using this machine, please use pure water or distilled water. It is strictly forbidden to add flavor liquids or use tap water, which will cause blockage inside the machine and seriously affect the service life of the machine.
2. Turn on the power and turn on the power switch. The mist outlet of the nano-sprinkler must face the ground, not people and electrical equipment, so as to avoid unnecessary damage. Depending on the water temperature, the waiting time for spraying the mist is different. Normal temperature water generally waits for 1-2 minutes.
3. The indicator light is on and spraying starts. Note that the spray port should not be too close to human skin, so as to avoid the high temperature mist from harming people.

The cleaning method:
1. Pour out the water in the water bottle and add white vinegar (white vinegar cannot be diluted). Then, like the normal working process, start the machine, white vinegar enters the machine and sprays out, which means that the pipe is being cleaned. Wash for at least 20 minutes. After cleaning, you need to clean the white vinegar left in the water bottle of the machine, and pour the bottle of pure water, start the machine again, clean the white vinegar left in the machine, and spray a bottle of pure water.
2. After each use, turn the machine to the maximum gear, unscrew the nozzle to spray a pot of water, spray the kettle in the pipe and then turn it off to avoid residual scale.

Water bottles need to use soft water. (Such as purified water, distilled water, etc.), hard water is not allowed, (such as: tap water, well water, mountain spring water, etc. No additives can be added to the water.) After each operation, the water bottle must be filled with water. If there is no water in the water bottle, the machine will emit a (ticking ticking) sound. This sound indicates that the internal motor is short of water. Please turn off immediately and fill the water bottle with water.
Use it again. When the machine is started, the mist outlet must face the ground, spray out atomizing gas after preheating, and wait for no water droplets to spray out before use (about three minutes). When the machine starts up, a little liquid droplets are sprayed, which is normal. , (The liquid droplets are the work formed by the steam cooling left in the pipeline after the previous use). Please do not repair the machine.

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